Bob Marley 9 Mile

Bob Marley, the king of Reggae music and world-renowned icon exited this world in 1981 but his music still lives on. Come and experience the roots of Reggae music from the deep community of 9 miles and learn about this reggae star’s life growing up as a child. Get a close-up and personal experience as you walk through the room where Bob was born on February 6th, 1945, then visit a small gallery with some of Bob’s music albums and a few of his musical awards on display.

After which you get to chill a bit with the Rastafarian vibration while listening to some of Bob’s hit songs performed by locals. You can even sing along to your favorite song.

Then make your way to Mount Zion where Bob spent his days meditating on his favorite rock at the top of a hill just outside his single-bedroom house. This is truly an amazing and unforgettable moment, to be able to walk the same steps that Bob did while chanting “Jah, Rastafari!!!” overlooking the hills of 9 miles. You will then have the opportunity to pay some respect as you enter the mausoleum, Bob’s final resting place while you listen to the tales of Bob’s days.

The experience at Bob Marley birthplace is approximately 1 hour. While you are there, feel free to purchase name-brand Bob Marley items at the gift shop.

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